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Joe was born and raised in Moravia, Iowa. In 1955, Joe headed to California, hoping to find his own place in this world. Joe and his wife picked Whittier as a good place to raise a family. Shortly after Joe settled in, he discovered an auction house just around the corner. Being a young man from the country, Joe was familiar with the auction process. Joe would attend auctions quite often. He found this to be a great way to expand and furnish his new home. As time went on, Joe realized that the auction was a way to make some extra money. Being a family man with four girls, extra money was always appreciated.

By 1967, Joe was becoming more convinced that there was money to be made in the auction business. He wanted to be a part of it. So he and his second daughter, Ivy, spent Saturdays buying items at yard sales to consign to the auction. Eventually, they would buy out the whole yard sale or just end items to put on consignment. About this time, the owner of the auction decided to stop selling smalls for consignees. He would rent spaces for consignees to swapmeet their items. Joe really wasn't interested in this type of selling. He approached the owner and asked if he could auction his own items. The owner told him once you pay the space rent, it's up to you to sell your items anyway you'd like to. Joe went home and got ready for his first sale.

Joe sold everything he had to sell during that first Sunday sale. He acted as the auctioneer, his oldest daughter, Crystal, was the clerk and Ivy was the cashier. Within a couple of weeks, other consignors/swapmeeters were asking Joe to sell their items. So that's the way it went every Sunday morning.

In 1970, Joe was approached by the owner of the auction to come to work full time. He went to work as a furniture buyer. Joe would go out and buy merchandise out of homes, from auctions, closeouts, and returns to sell at auction every Sunday.

In 1979, Joe was once again approached by the owner of the auction. This time he wanted to sell the company. Joe and three partners bought the auction. Over the next 10 years, the other partners went their own ways, leaving Joe the sole owner. And so the story goes.

Tadlock Auction is open every Sunday at 9:30 A.M. to have an auction sale. They offer great deals at auction prices. End users and dealers are welcome. Joe is the auctioneer, Crystal is clerk/assistant auctioneer, Ivy is office manager/cashier. Wife, Carol, is sheet runner/marker.

Drop by and say hello! They would love to see you.

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